The Science of How an Air Conditioner Works!

How does an air conditioner work?

To be more precise, these machines operates in a similar manner just as the refrigerators. Instead of cooling just a small insulated area inside of the refrigerators, an air conditioner cools an entire room or a whole house.

Air conditioners use chemicals which regularly reverses itself from a gaseous state to a liquid state. These particular chemical transfers heat from the air inside your the house or a home to the air outside.

The central cooling system consists of three distinct parts, including the evaporator, the compressor, and a condenser. The evaporator is located inside the house, usually in the context of the furnace. It is the part which heats the house of yours. The condenser and the compressor are often located on the outside air part of the conditioner.

The working liquid reaches the compressor as an entirely low-pressure and a cooling gas. The compressor then squeezes this particular fluid. Scientifically, this process is aimed at packing the fluid’s molecules closely together. When the particles are firmly packed, its temperature and the energy increases significantly.

The working liquid then exits the compressor as a boiling gas with high pressure, as it flows slowly into the condenser. This working fluid then leaves the condenser as a liquid and is also much cooler since it was subjected to high pressures. It then enters the evaporator via a subtle hole which is narrow. On the other side, the pressure of the liquid drastically drops, and it starts evaporating again into a gas.

As the fluid changes to gaseous state, it extracts the heat from the air around as it evaporates. The heat in the air is vital in mobilizing the molecules of the fluid as they change from liquid to gas. It is also important to note that the evaporator is equipped with metal fins, which ensures an efficient exchange of thermal energy with the surrounding air. At the time when the working liquid comes out of the evaporator, it is a very cool and a gas of low pressure. For the continuity of the process, it goes back to the compressor to start the trip once again.

There is a fan which is connected to the evaporator. Its function is to circulate the air inside the house and make them blow across the fins of the evaporator. Bearing in mind that warm air is lighter than cold air, the hot air inside the room rises to the top. There is a vent there, by which the air goes inside the air conditioner, traveling through the ducts. The hot air is used in cooling the gas inside the evaporator. As the heat is being eliminated from the air, it undergoes cooling and then blown into your house via other ducts, which are often located at the level of the floor.

The process is repeated over and over, until your room the reaches your preferred temperature level. The thermostat somehow detects that the temperature has come to the intended setting, and therefore it automatically turns the air conditioner off.

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