2012 Winners

Winners were posted below on Sunday 9 September 2012, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

$10,000 has been sent out to winners and runners-up. Congratulations!

Download and print your Winners Certificate, Runner-Up Certificate, Highly Commended and Participation certificates

For student winners, cheques are posted to your school. Protocol: It is expected that your school will distribute all the prizemoney fairly to all the students who actually produced the video. Schools will need to take the advice of the supervising teacher in this matter.

• BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY : Winner $250 From Austria: • Vision
• BEST ANIMATION : Winner $250 • winner Hamster Quantum Physics Highly Commended : Lithuania: Lasers Uncovered
INTERNATIONAL OPEN : Winner $400 From India:
Water Vapour
• INTERNATIONAL OPEN : Runner-up $100 From Hong KongGenetic Modification
• INTERNATIONAL OPEN : Highly Commended : Slovenia- Wind Turbine. Egypt- Alzheimer's.  USA - Dog Vision.  UK Food
• INTERNATIONAL Junior : Winner $400 From Bulgaria: • Calcium Reaction
• INTERNATIONAL Junior : Runner-up $100 From West Java Water
• INTERNATIONAL Junior : Highly Commended :  From Indonesia •  Fan from CD Waste
• INTERNATIONAL Secondary / High School Student: Winner $400 From Indonesia: •
Frying Oil Filter
• INTERNATIONAL Secondary / High School Student: Runner-up $100 From California • Nerve to Eat
• INTERNATIONAL LOTE: Winner $250 From Hong Kong • Sublimation

AUSTRALIAN OPEN :Winner $400 Doppler Effect Runner-up $100 • Pectin-The Movie

• AUSTRALIAN Primary School Students (Winner $400 Runner-up $100)

• VIC • winner Lemon Battery • Runner up Bicarb Highly Commended: Egg Drop - Fire Extinguisher - Flowers
• NSW • winner *The Mpemba Effect • Runner up Scientific Nerds Convention Highly Commended Cooling - Tenergy
• QLD • winner Floating Egg • Runner up Electroscope Highly Commended Moving Water - Pepper
• WA • winner Bouncing Egg • Runner up Longbow Energy Highly Commended Radiation - **Super Suction
• SA • winner Soluble • Runner up Sugar Content in Fruit Highly Commended Water Pressure
• ACT• winner A Gummy Problem Runner up The Mystery of Gravity Highly Commended: Rust
*TOP SCORE in Australia Primary Student Division.
** Did you spot the misconception in this one?

AUSTRALIAN Secondary School Students (Winner $400 Runner-up $100)

• VIC • winner Fractal Coastline • Runner up Hydro Kiss Highly Commended: Newton's 3rd Law - Pain to Brain-Veggie Pwr
• NSW • winner Nick's Science Vid • Runner up Dissolving Sugars Highly Commended: Photosynthesis - Bacteria
• QLD • winner Igneous Rocks
• WA • winner Nuclear Fusion • Runner up Icy Float Highly Commended: Brazil Nut- Sodium-Water Exp- Wind Power- Ink
• ACT • winner * Occipital Lobe • Runner up Cerebellum Highly Commended: Hot Air Balloon Physics
*TOP SCORE in Australia Secondary Student Division.

AUSTRALIAN LOTE Primary Winner $250 From Queensland Kan Bakuhatsu
AUSTRALIAN LOTE Secondary Winner $250 From Victoria Lava in a Cup
• WORST COLA-CANDY VIDEO This one wins a Science & video professional learning package for students & teachers

* CONVENOR's SCHOOL AWARD: The convenor is not one of the judges, but views every video in great detail for compliance to the rules. The Convenor awards a ''Certificate-only' prize to Schools which submit a series of videos of an Excellent Standard. 2012 Winners:
Secondary - Pascoe Vale Girls Secondary College
Primary - Berwick Lodge Primary School


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