2013 Winners

TIMELINE: The winners were announced  on 8 December 2013
Prizemoney was posted to Australian prizewinners on Monday 16 December 2013
Prizemoney was posted to overseas prizewinners on Friday 20 December 2013

Teachers, download Winners Certificates here, Runners-Up Certificates here, Honorable Mention Certificates here and Participation Certificates here 


Winners were posted below on Sunday 8 December 2013, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


$10,000 will be posted out to winners and runners-up before Xmas. Congratulations!



For student winners, cheques are posted to your school.
Protocol: It is expected that your school will distribute all the prizemoney fairly to all the students who actually produced the video. Schools will need to take the advice of the supervising teacher in this matter.


BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY :  Winner $250 From Slovenia: Momentum

BEST ANIMATION : Winner $250 From Australia: Boomerang  Science

INTERNATIONAL OPEN : Winner $400  From Canada What is a stem cell?
          Runner-up $100 From Singapore: Colorization of fruit

          Honourable mentions: From India: Persistence of Vidion From USA Lake Erie Algae Problem

INTERNATIONAL Primary School Winner $400 From USA: The Dangers of the Sun
          Runner-up $100 From Greece: Inertia
          Honourable mention: From Bulgaria: Wood versus Metal

 INTERNATIONAL Secondary / High School Students Winner $400 From the UK: Physics Rocket

          Runner-up $100 From Mauritius Red Cabbage Indicator
          Honourable mention: From Slovenia: How does a Fiber Optic cable work?

INTERNATIONAL LOTE -- (video with spoken soundtrack in a Language Other Than English + English subtitles) Winner $250 From Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Hydro Power
          Highly Commended:  From Saint Vincent: Energy Conservation:


AUSTRALIAN OPEN : Winner $400 From Victoria: The growth of plants under various lights
          Runner-up $100 From Victoria: How does a disposable nappy work?
          Honourable mention: From NSW:  Boomerang Science


AUSTRALIAN Primary School Students:

QLD Winner $400 Growing bacteria Runner-up $100 Floating egg


NSW Winner $400 Uncovering anti-venom Runner-up $100 CO2 fire extinguisher

          Honourable Mention: Oil and Water don’t Mix


VIC Winner $400 The Invincible Balloon Runner-up $100 Blowing up a balloon
          Honourable mention:  Removing lipstick stains


TAS Winner $400 Rusting Runner-up $100 Tim the Squid and Bert the Jellyfish explain fair testing
          Honourable mention Falling objects


SA Winner $400 How to make an ice pack Runner-up $100 Osmosis
          Honourable mention Heat


WA Winner $400 The pull of gravity Runner-up Lava in a Cup $100
          Honourable mention Iodine clock reaction


ACT Winner $400 Does smell affect your sense of taste? Runner-up $100 Testing bridges
          Honourable mention Why are volcanoes different shapes?


NT Winner $400 The energetic sisters


• AUSTRALIAN Secondary School Students


 QLD Winner $400 Exciting ions Runner-up $100 Ocean tides

          Honourable mention Liquid nitrogenexperiment


NSW Winner $400 Hiroshima Shadows Runner-up $100  What is Nanotechnology?
          Honourable Mention Bob and his atoms


VIC Winner $400 The earth’s magnetic field Runner-up $100 Strawberry DNA
          Honourable mention Marsupials and The Wisdom of the Crowd


SA Winner $400 Global warming


WA Winner $400 Melting ice experiment Runner-up $100 The energy behind waves
          Honourable mention Air balloons Vs water balloons


NT Winner $400 Schrodinger’s cat  Runner-up $100 Sexy astronomy


AUSTRALIAN LOTE Primary (with spoken soundtrack in a Language Other Than English + English subtitles)
          No prize issued due to lack of explanation of science.


AUSTRALIAN LOTE Secondary (with spoken soundtrack in a Language Other Than English + English subtitles) Winner $250 Newton’s First Law-Inertia
          Highly commended Fremantle doctor


NEW DIVISION for 2013: BEST 'Safety in the Science Lab' video
          Winner $250 From Malaysia: Safety First, Always and Last  
          Runner-up $100 Safety equipment in the lab


* CONVENOR's SCHOOL AWARD: The convenor is not one of the judges, but views every video in great detail for compliance to the  rules. The Convenor awards a ''Certificate-only' prize to an International school,  Victorian Secondary and Victorian Primary School which submits a series of videos of an Excellent Standard.

Victorian Primary School: Berwick Lodge Primary School
Victorian Secondary School: Seymour College
International: The Village School Guatemala

Cheques will be posted to winners and runners-up before 20 December 2013

Winners Announced simultaneously online via Twitter and Facebook and  here on this website

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