How to Win Judge's Tips

Judge's Tips


These are the Criteria used by the Judges when evaluating entries:

Science: How accurate is the Science? How clear is the explanation? How relevant is the Science? What understanding is revealed?

Video Production:
 Is Planning obvious? What care has been taken? Have they used a variety of camera angles?  Have they used a variety of shots (eg Close-ups, medium shots, long shots) Framing? Sound Quality? Editing? Creativity?

Winning entries have the following features in common:

1. Winners comply with ALL the RULES , especially the CREDITS,  MUSIC & IMAGES COPYRIGHT and Privacy Rules
2. They have studied what previous winners have done
3. Evidence of research and writing an accurate script which EXPLAINS the Science
4. Well-designed experiments with BEAUTIFULLY CLEAR explanations.
5. Carefully Planning  the filming (using a storyboard ) and VARYING the camera angles
6. Audio quality is excellent, voices clearly heard and not drowned out by music.
7. Attention to details and comply with ALL copyright (Images and Music) and privacy rules
8. They are invariably “A good story told well”


1. Winners comply with ALL the RULES , especially the MUSIC & IMAGES COPYRIGHT and Privacy Rules
2. Don't waste time in your video saying who you are & where you are from. Type those details in the 'Description box'.
3. Spend MORE TIME EXPLAINING, rather than just showing 'How to do' something.
4. Watch this winning video, to see how CLEARLY the Science is explained.
5. Use a tripod, get your sound levels right and avoid shooting with windows in the backgound.


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