How to Win Checklist & FAQs

Checklist and FAQs


TIPS for Teachers:

Download and print our suggested use of 60SecondScience in Junior School, in Middle School, and Suggestions for use in Senior/High School .

CHECKLIST FOR EVERYONE: Before I Upload my Video

 1. My Video must have OPENING & CLOSING Credits - See Rule 7

 2
. If someone's face can be seen in the video ... Have I sent in the PRIVACY CONSENT FORM? - See Rule 1

 3. Have I used someone else's IMAGES? - See Rule 5

 4. Have I used someone else's MUSIC? - See Rule 5

 5. Can I SEE or HEAR any Product Names, Labels or Logos in my video? See Rule 9


1. I missed the Registration Deadline  and/or the  Upload Deadline, can I still upload my video?
ANSWER: No. If you miss a deadline, no extensions of time are given.

2. How can I make my video file size smaller?
A. FOR WINDOWS PCs: If you put your .AVI or .WMV video file into Windows Live Moviemaker (Win7) or Windows Moviemaker (WinXP) you can Save/Export the movie with a custom size. If you select 426x240 pixels, it will save to a smaller file size.
B. FOR MAC USERS: If you are using iMovie on a Mac, look in the Help files or check out this website :
Guide to iMovie Expert Export Mode
C. You can also put your video on Youtube, and provide the link to your youtube video via one of the options on our 'Upload your Video' page.

3. Why can't I see my video in the Gallery?
ANSWER: If you uploaded your video and if it doesn't appear in the Gallery within 48 hours, it's because of 'privacy or copyright infringement' or is not actually about science (rule #3)...... The Competition Rules #1, #5 #6 #7 and #9 are quite clear

4. When are the 2013 Winners announced?
ANSWER: Winners are announced in early December 2013 and published on this website.

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