Using the Science of Drones for Investigating

Crescent Investigations, LLC says that in the recent years, the use of drones by private investigators has increased. This is after a ruling by a judge to lift the ban on the use of commercial drones. With that said, there are ways in which a private investigator uses drones for work. Here are four of these ways.

• Using drones to locate hidden items on people’s backyards, which is almost the same as law enforcement using helicopters to search marijuana fields.

• In accident reconstructions, private investigators and law enforcement can use drones to document events as they happen.

• Drones can be used to show real-time imagery, and when used with Google Earth, they can show clear evidence of how topology has changed over time.

• Private investigators can also use drones for surveillance instead of going to a suspect’s home in person. Using drones minimizes the chances of being shot or being accused of trespassing.

With the use of drones, it becomes easy for private investigators to provide information required by insurance companies, attorneys, and government officials.

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